Risks – Associated companies and joint operations

Limited influence in associated companies and joint operations

TeliaSonera conducts some of its activities, particularly outside of the Nordic region, through associated companies. Examples of major associated companies are PAO MegaFon in Russia, Turkcell Iletisim Hizmetleri A.S. in Turkey and Lattelecom SIA in Latvia. In turn, these associated companies own stakes in numerous other companies. TeliaSonera does not have a controlling interest in its associated companies and as a result has limited influence over the conduct of all these businesses.

Under the governing documents for certain of these entities, TeliaSonera’s partners have control over or share control of key matters such as the approval of business plans and budgets, and decisions as to the timing and amount of cash distributions. The risk of actions outside TeliaSonera’s or its associated companies’ control and adverse to TeliaSonera’s interests, or disagreement or deadlock, is inherent in associated companies and jointly controlled entities. One example of this is the ongoing corporate governance issues on shareholder level in Turkcell.

Further, TeliaSonera might not be able to ensure that the associated companies apply the same sustainability principles, increasing the risk for wrongdoings and reputational and financial losses. TeliaSonera strives to use its board presence and active ownership practices to promote the implementation of its sustainability principles.

Variations in the financial performance of these associated companies have an impact on TeliaSonera’s results of operations also in the short term.

As part of its strategy, TeliaSonera may increase its shareholdings in some of its associated companies. The implementation of such strategy, however, may be difficult due to a variety of factors, including factors beyond TeliaSonera’s control, such as willingness on the part of other existing shareholders to dispose or accept dilution of their shareholdings and, in the event TeliaSonera gains greater control, its ability to successfully manage the relevant businesses.

In Sweden, TeliaSonera has entered into a cooperation arrangement with Tele2 to build and operate a UMTS network through a 50 percent owned joint operation, Svenska UMTS-nät AB, which has rights to a Swedish UMTS license. In Denmark, TeliaSonera has entered into a similar agreement with Telenor to build and operate a common radio-access network through a 50 percent owned joint operation, TT-Netværket P/S. TeliaSonera has made significant financial investments in these operations. As they are jointly controlled, there is a risk that the partners may disagree on important matters, including funding of the operations. This risk may be magnified because TeliaSonera and Tele2 and Telenor, respectively, are significant competitors. A disagreement or deadlock regarding these operations or a breach by one of the parties of the material provisions of the cooperation arrangements could have a negative effect on TeliaSonera.

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