Proposed appropriation of earnings

At the disposal of the Annual General Meeting:



Retained earnings


Net income





The Board proposes that this sum be appropriated as follows:



SEK 3.00 per share ordinary dividend to
the shareholders


To be carried forward





The dividend should be split and distributed into two equal tranches of SEK 1.50 each, one in April 2016 and one in October 2016. 

The Board of Directors has, according to Chapter 18 Section 4 of the Swedish Companies Act, assessed whether the proposed dividend is justified. The Board of Directors assesses that: 

  • The parent company’s restricted equity and the group’s total equity attributable to the shareholders of the parent company, after the distribution of profits in accordance with the proposal, will be sufficient in relation to the scope of the parent company’s and the group’s business. 
  • The proposed dividend does not jeopardize the parent company’s or the group’s ability to make the investments that are considered necessary. The proposal is consistent with the established cash flow forecast under which the parent company and the group are expected to manage unexpected events and temporary variations in cash flows to a reasonable extent. 

The full statement by the Board of Directors on the same will be included in the AGM documents. 

AGM related documents are available at:

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