CEO and Group executive management

The CEO is responsible for the company’s business development, and leads and coordinates the day-to-day operations in accordance with the Board of Directors’ instructions for the CEO and other decisions made by the Board.

Headed by the CEO, Group Executive Management currently comprises the CEO, CFO, General Counsel, Head of Group Human Resources, Head of Group Communications, Head of Group Corporate Development, acting Head of Group Technology and Group Commercial, and the Heads of regions Sweden and Europe. Group Executive Management meets on a monthly basis. The meetings are devoted to follow-up on strategic and business performance, major change programs, risks and other issues of strategic nature and group-wide importance. The members of Group Executive Management are presented in more detail, including remuneration and holdings of TeliaSonera shares, at the end of this Statement.

Following the announcement in September 2015 that a process had been initiated in order to reduce the presence in region Eurasia and over time fully leave, a new governance model for the region was created. A separate Steering Board, chaired by the CEO and with the overall strategic responsibility for the region was set up. The Head of region Eurasia presents the operations of the region to the Steering Board. The new model ensures continued strong governance and alignment within the group, while allowing Group Executive Management to focus on the New Generation Telco agenda and the home markets in regions Sweden and Europe.

See also section “Governance, Risk, Ethics and Compliance (GREC) meetings.”

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