Nomination Committee

TeliaSonera’s Nomination Committee consists of representatives of the company’s in terms of votes four largest shareholders at the turn of the month before the notice of the Annual General Meeting and which also wish to participate in the nomination process (“Nominating Shareholders”), and the Chair of the Board of Directors. The members of the Nomination Committee carefully consider potential conflicts of interest before accepting the assignment. The Nomination Committee presently consists of:

  • Daniel Kristiansson, Chair (the Swedish State)
  • Kari Järvinen (Solidium Oy)
  • Johan Strandberg (SEB Funds)
  • Anders Oscarsson (AMF and AMF Funds)
  • Marie Ehrling, Chair of the Board

In accordance with its instruction as adopted by the Annual General Meeting, the Nomination Committee shall:

  • Propose the number of Board members elected by the Annual General Meeting
  • Nominate the Chair, the Vice-Chair and other members of the Board of Directors
  • Propose the Board remuneration that is divided among the Chair, the Vice-Chair and other members and remuneration for serving on committees
  • Nominate the Chair of the Annual General Meeting
  • Nominate the external auditors and propose remuneration payable to the auditors
  • Nominate members of the Nomination Committee until the next Annual General Meeting

The Nomination Committee performs interviews and receives information from the Chair of the Board, other Board members, including employee representatives, and the CEO on internal work of the Board, TeliaSonera’s position and strategic direction, and other relevant circumstances. Based on this information, the Committee assesses the functioning of the Board and the competences needed in the Board as a whole. The Committee has concluded that competences currently needed are experiences from:

  • The telecommunications industry and industries closely related to it
  • Digitalization
  • Relevant markets
  • Consumer oriented operations and markets
  • Operational sustainability work
  • Board work in listed companies
  • Work in executive positions
  • Structural changes and change processes

On the basis of these competence needs, the Nomination Committee evaluates the competences of the present Board members and the composition of the Board. Taking into account the competences needed in the future, diversity, the gender distribution on the Board, the competences of present Board members and the present Board members’ availability for re-election, the Committee nominates Board members to the Annual General Meeting.

The Nomination Committee has reported that it complies with the provisions of the Swedish Corporate Governance Code and that it intends to report its activities at the Annual General Meeting and on the company’s website. In its deliberations, the Nomination Committee has specifically discussed the Corporate Governance Code’s requirements on diversity and equal gender distribution in the Board. The Nomination Committee reviews its Instruction annually and as necessary proposes changes thereto to the Annual General Meeting.

Shareholders are welcome to send nomination proposals to the Nomination Committee. Proposals can be sent by e-mail to:

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