Local communities


Local community engagement

See Sustainability Work, section “Sponsorships and donations.”

Omission: we do not carry out community or environmental impact assessments. We aim to develop a more comprehensive approach to assessing the positive and negative impacts of our operations.



Number and percentage of operations
assessed for risks related to corruption and the significant risks identified

See Sustainability Work, section “Anti-bribery and corruption” and Directors' Report, section “Risks and uncertainties.



Communication and training on anti-
corruption policies and procedures

See Sustainability Work, sections “Anti-bribery and corruption,” “Responsible procurement” and “Responsible exit from region Eurasia.”

Omission: We are unable to provide more accurate statistics than those provided in the above sections.


Confirmed incidents of corruption
and actions taken

See Sustainability Work, section “Anti-bribery and corruption,” Corporate Governance, section “Enterprise risk management (ERM) framework” and “G4-SO8.”


Anti-competitive behavior


Total number of legal actions for anti-
competitive behavior, anti-trust, and
monopoly practices and their outcomes

Kcell in Kazakhstan, Ucell in Uzbekistan, Yoigo in Spain and Telia in Sweden were engaged in a small number of new and ongoing legal processes. In all cases the fines have either been appealed, or corrective actions have been implemented.




Monetary value of significant fines and total number of non-monetary sanctions for non-compliance with laws and regulations

TeliaSonera subsidiaries were engaged in a small number of tax-related cases, none of which resulted in a significant fine. TeliaSonera, some of its subsidiaries and former employees are involved in preliminary investigations in Sweden, the Netherlands and USA primarily relating to investments in Uzbekistan. See Directors' Report, section “Risks and uncertainties” for more information.

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