Our strategy

The TeliaSonera purpose of Bringing the world closer — on the customer’s terms expresses focus on our customers and on societal development. It guides our transformation towards a New Generation Telco where applications and customer solutions will have an important complementary role to traditional network services. An increasingly wide ecosystem enables us to offer solutions that answer to customer needs and leverage the powerful and transformative positive effect that ICT and telecommunications have on social, environmental and economic development.

TeliaSonera to become a new generation telco


Our customers are using our services in new ways. Demand for our traditional main products such as voice services is declining and their importance is decreasing. At the same time demand for data through fiber and smartphones has skyrocketed, a development that will be beneficial for us. Applications and integration of services take an increasingly larger share of our value creation for businesses, consumers and society.

Enhance the core
ENHANCE THE CORE Explore opportunities close to the core 



We will continue improving our core business, to be the natural choice for those who want well-functioning and hassle-free connectivity whether they are at work, at home or on the go. To continue offering superior connectivity we must proceed to invest in our networks.

  • In Sweden for instance, we are leading the fiber roll-out and we are the leading 4G provider in the Baltics.

Customers use our different services together or as a complement to one another. We aim to give them a complete service, based on their individual needs.

  • An example of executing on this strategy securing converged fixed-mobile offerings in Lithuania is the merger between TEO and Omnitel.

We intend to offer total solutions by combining the best from IT with the best from telecom fitting the customer’s unique prerequisites. Flexibility and simplicity will make people choose us, stay with us and recommend us to others.

  • One step in this convergence between network and IT applications during the year was the launch of an application marketplace towards B2B-SME in several countries.

To stay competitive, we have launched a transformation program in Sweden and Finland with the purpose of simplifying operations and transform legacy to create agility and cost efficiency.

The more sophisticated consumers’ demands and the need to play a stronger role in society drive us to innovate by exploring new opportunities and venture into new services close to our core business. Streamed TV and music, financial services, e-healthcare solutions and internet of things are examples of areas where TeliaSonera widens the scope of its business and create growth. The equity based partnership with Spotify illustrates the exploration during the year. The healthcare initiative is a case in point of our own innovation creating business and contributing to a healthier and safer society.

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