Children online

Children and young people are active users of our services. We work actively on our own and together with experienced partners to promote a safer use of internet among children, young people and their parents.

Opportunities and threats online

We believe that the internet enriches children’s lives and provides them with opportunities to improve their digital skills as well as to socialize, play and learn. However, children are particularly vulnerable to online threats such as cyber bullying and inappropriate content.

Keeping children safe online requires an integrated approach across the broader technology industry. TeliaSonera works closely with other companies and organizations within and outside our industry to drive common approaches to safe browsing and app use, as well as respectful behavior among children and young people.

Parental control mechanisms

In our Nordic markets we offer parental control mechanisms that enable parents to limit their children’s exposure to unsuitable content, for example the possibility to block adult TV channels. We also offer additional services such as “secure surf” to our customers in the Nordics and Baltics that enable them to add a password for surfing and decide how long and when the web browser can be used.

We have signed the guiding principles of the ICT Coalition for Children Online, which set out a common code of conduct for developing products and services that promote child safety online. These principles cover content, parental control, dealing with abuse/misuse, child abuse or illegal contact, privacy control and education and awareness. See more at

Support to helplines

In 2014, the GSMA formed a partnership with Child Helpline International (CHI) to protect young people and safeguard their right to be heard. Based on this partnership, we are committed to the establishment of child helplines in all of our markets and raising awareness of their existence.

Today, there are toll-free child helplines available on most of our markets. These helplines also offer accessibility over the internet through chat services. Some of our local companies support these helplines by providing information and links to helplines on our local websites.

Blocking child sexual abuse material

We work actively to prevent criminals from distributing child sexual abuse material (CSAM) through our networks, partly through cooperating with law enforcement agencies.We maintain filters on our own networks that block access to websites known to host CSAM, protecting our customers from accessing this kind of material. This is the only area of content on the internet where we take an active stand to restrict access.

TeliaSonera is cooperating with other industry partners to develop this area further, for example through our membership in the ICT Coalition and the GSMA Mobile Alliance against Child Sexual Abuse Content. The GSMA Mobile Alliance has been active since 2008 and works to obstruct the use of the mobile environment by individuals or organizations wishing to consume or profit from CSAM.

We also support and promote mechanisms for customers to report child sexual abuse content that they discover on the internet by providing links on our websites for reporting to local and international law enforcement agencies.

Continued efforts in 2016

In 2016 we will continue to offer services and provide information to parents and children. We will intensify our work to fight CSAM online, through various collaborations and by reporting such material on the company’s IT equipment.

We have during the last three years supported the World Childhood Foundation, which has used the funding to help vulnerable children and families in Nepal. Moving forward, we aim to find new ways of working together with Childhood around online support of vulnerable children and families.


Sonera supports the Help.some app

Sonera in Finland supported Save the Children Finland who, together with online police and criminal victim on-call organizations, developed a mobile app for children aged 7 to 17 called Help.Some. The goal of the app is to provide an easy access forum for discussions and counseling for concerns and problems such as bullying, sexual harassment and hate crimes. The app is free and Sonera is committed to help ensure that the app reaches as many children as possible.



Love bombing and Swedish Heroes

During the year, Halebop in Sweden organized many different activities to inspire their customers, mainly young people, to be friendly on the internet. Halebop ran campaigns to teach young people how to behave online to foster a friendly attitude, including asking them to “love bomb” the internet. Halebop also created a podcast together with the “Ung på nätet” (“Young on the web”) organization to educate parents about young people’s digital lives. More than 200,000 people have so far been reached by the messages, via Youtube, podcasts or

Telia in Sweden became a key sponsor of “Svenska hjältar” (“Swedish Heroes”), which supports activities such as anti-cyber bullying roadshows at schools. Swedish Heroes was also released in an online version available to all high school classes, approximately 300,000 students aged 13 to 15.

»In many of our markets, we have programs to educate children and parents on how to deal with cyber bullying and disrespectful online behavior, often together with experienced partners. Activities include information in our stores, podcasts for young people and parents, and educational sessions at children’s summer camps.«

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