Sustainability focus area summary

In 2015, our sustainability work focused on the areas below. See the respective focus area section for more information, including goals and outcomes.


Strategic objective




Planned Activities

Inclusive digitalization
– All In

  • Connecting the unconnected
  • A healthy and safe society
  • Digital entreprenueurship and innovation
  • Education for all

  • All In strategy launched.
  • Implementation of All In into annual business planning cycle.
  • Definition and launch of country initiatives and products that contribute to All In and shared value creation.
  • Promoted the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and our contribution to them, to our customers and employees.
  • Further integration with annual business planning and strategy.
  • Identify and assess shared value creation related to All In in regions Sweden and Europe.
  • Drive group and country All In initiatives that create shared value.

Anti-bribery and corruption

  • Best in class anti-bribery and corruption (ABC) program.
  • Zero tolerance for unethical business conduct.

  • 8,800 employees completed ABC face to face training or e-learning.
  • ABC self-assessment tool developed.
  • Preparations and due diligence to ensure a responsible exit from region Eurasia.
  • In-depth due diligence on 1,100 third party contracts in region Eurasia as part of back-log project, with several contracts terminated.
  • Compliance certification of ethics and compliance officers in region Eurasia, “Ethisphere” certification of the ABC program.
  • ABC assessments to determine further priorities in regions Sweden and Europe.
  • TeliaSonera hosts the first Telecommunications Integrity Initiative.
  • Backlog project roll-out in all region Eurasia countries.

Freedom of expression and privacy

  • Enable, respect and support freedom of expression and privacy.
  • We are regarded as the trusted ICT industry leader in human rights.

  • Law enforcement disclosure covering nine countries, with limited assurance of statistics.
  • Human rights impact assessment in Azerbaijan.
  • Sharing of “major events” escalation and assessment tool.
  • Human rights impact assessments in all region Eurasia countries, Lithuania and Sweden.
  • Further contribute to Industry Dialogue law enforcement disclosure reporting best practice.
  • Build capacity for swifter escalation of “major events”.
  • Define suitable human rights
    grievance mechanism.

Customer privacy

  • Respect and protect the privacy of our customers.
  • We are regarded as a trusted actor in handling personal data on the customer’s terms.

  • Customer privacy impact assessment method implementation initiated.
  • Policy gap analysis and mitigation plan updated in 13 countries.
  • Customer privacy training of 75 percent of employees through “Privacy World” e-learning.
  • Further implementation of the impact assessment method.
  • Increase transparency on how customer data is used.
  • Evaluate impacts of and prepare for implementation of the EU Data Protection Regulation.

Occupational health and safety

  • An occupational, health and safety culture that supports the ambition of TeliaSonera as THE place to work.

  • OHSAS 18001 certification of Kcell in Kazakhstan and Ucell in Uzbekistan.
  • OHS assessments carried out in 15 countries, with updated action plans on reaching OHSAS 18001.
  • OHS and first aid training carried out in all countries.
  • All major operations to be OHSAS 18001 certified.
  • Increased focus on employee well-being and engagement to reduce sickness absence.

Responsible procurement

  • All suppliers and sub-suppliers comply with our sustainability requirements.
  • All suppliers have signed our supplier code of conduct.

  • Developed and implemented supplier sustainability due diligence process in region Eurasia, with over 1,000 checks performed.
  • More than 570 suppliers evaluated in EcoVadis since 2013.
  • 201 supplier audits performed.
  • 43 percent of supplier spending evaluated against supplier code of conduct.
  • Implementation of supplier sustainability due diligence process in regions Sweden and Europe.
  • Develop and run supplier capacity development programs.
  • Support suppliers in closing identified compliance deviations.

Environmental responsibility

  • Minimize negative and maximize positive environmental impact throughout our value chain.

  • Contributed to GeSI SMARTer2030 report, highlighting the environ-mental benefits of ICT.
  • 56,500 tons CO² emissions reduction achieved.
  • 125,000 devices collected through buy-back programs.
  • ISO 14001 certification of Sonera in Finland.
  • ISO 14001 implementation to begin in other region Europe countries.
  • Assessments and reporting to fulfill the EU Energy Efficiency Directive.
  • Establish buy-back programs in more region Europe markets.


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