In continuing operations, adjusted EBITDA, decreased 1.5 percent to SEK 25,438 million (25,836). In local currencies and excluding acquisitions and disposals, adjusted EBITDA, decreased 0.2 percent with negative development primarily in Sweden. Adjusted EBITDA in Sweden decreased mainly due to lower fiber installation revenues, legacy revenue erosion, but also due to an increasing cost base. In Norway, high margin wholesale revenues were an important factor for the positive EBITDA development. In Finland growth in mobile revenues was the main explanation behind the positive development. Other operations contributed positively, mainly due to lower costs within group functions. The adjusted EBTIDA margin increased to 31.9 percent (30.7).

In continuing operations, operating income decreased 35.1 percent to SEK 13,690 million (21,090), mainly due to lower income from associated companies and higher amortization, depreciation and impairment losses. The lower income from associated companies was mainly explained by the decrease of ownership in Turkcell and the disposal of shares in MegaFon, as well as lower contribution from MegaFon up until the disposal.