Our customers

Understanding customer needs

Our work in developing and delivering products and services is driven by the following insights.

Consumers in our core markets demonstrate increased digital maturity and thus demand and expect more from a telecommunication provider, both regarding speed and quality of our networks as well as products and services that meet their specific needs.

Many business customers are in the middle of digitalizing their operations and business models and need a partner that can facilitate developing, choosing and implementing the right solutions for their businesses, ranging from connectivity, Internet of Things, data analytics to applications.

In essence, our customers rely on our products and services in order to live and work, which require us to both closely monitor our performance and push boundaries of what we can do for our customers, now and in the future. “Roam like home”, which allows our customers to seamlessly use their mobile plans in the Nordics and Baltics as they would at home, is an example how we take care of our customers cross border.

Net Promoter Score

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) customer experience program enables us to make sure that we understand customers’ needs, listen to customer feedback and act on it accordingly. The NPS program, implemented in all core markets, provides customer input to the entire organization as well as relevant business partners. NPS score is reported and followed up on local and group level on a quarterly basis. Based on the results, local companies decide on activities to close gaps or to best leverage outperformance.

A common brand

In March 2017, Telia Company reached a milestone when Sonera in Finland was rebranded to Telia, which consequently became the main brand in all core markets. This brand strategy was a logical step as we had already implemented a shared brand platform and visual identity across these markets. The common brand allows us to find and act on cross-border opportunities based on similar customer needs and trends. Brand performance is followed up regularly across core markets. Using a brand tracker together with other customer research, we track customer needs and expectations beyond the NPS customer experience tracking. Particular focus was on brand awareness related to the brand transition. The brand tracker confirmed that the rebranding quickly yielded high awareness levels for the Telia brand, allowing us to focus on marketing more related to sales conversion.

Personal advisor and technician

Technology is fantastic – when it works. When it doesn’t, problems can take a long time and a lot of effort to solve. Eight out of ten small business owners in Sweden handle IT on their own and thus have to spend time on troubleshooting problems instead of focusing on their core business. It can also be challenging for many small businesses to handle increasingly complex IT needs and solutions.

Based on this insight, in 2015 Telia Sweden launched a new support service – Personal advisor – where small businesses are guided to find the most suitable communications and IT solutions to fit the companies’ needs. The next step was the launch of Personal technicians who visit companies, including non-Telia customers, to troubleshoot and solve their IT problems such as installing software or setting up wireless network.

The services Personal advisor and Personal technician were awarded with the highest rank in business customer satisfaction according to The Swedish Quality Index (SKI).