Risks and uncertainties

Telia Company operates in a broad range of geographical product and service markets in the highly competitive and regulated telecommunications industry. Telia Company has defined risk as anything that could have a material adverse effect on the achievement of Telia Company’s goals. Risks can be threats, uncertainties or lost opportunities relating to Telia Company’s current or future operations or activities.

Telia Company has an established risk management framework in place to regularly identify, analyze, assess and report business, financial as well as ethics and sustainability risks and uncertainties, and to mitigate such risks when appropriate. A Risk Universe consisting of four categories and over thirty risk areas is used to aggregate and categorize risks identified across the organization with the risk management framework.

Risk management is an integrated part of Telia Company’s business planning process and monitoring of business performance. Risks and uncertainties that could specifically be impacted by Telia Company´s operations include, but may not be limited to the following: