Human rights



Significant investment agreements and contracts that include human rights clauses or that underwent human rights screening

Significant investment agreements did not include human rights aspects.


Employee training on human rights policies or procedures concerning aspects of human rights that are relevant to operations

Training related to human rights was mainly carried out within anti-bribery and corruption and children’s rights. See Directors’ Report, sections “Anti-bribery and corruption” and “Children’s rights” for more information.

Omission: we do not track the amount of hours spent on training.



Total number of incidents of discrimination and actions taken

17 cases of harassment or discrimination were handled by the Special Investigations Office. None of these resulted in dismissal.

Freedom of association and collective bargaining; Child labor;
Forced and compulsory labor


Operations and suppliers identified with significant risks regarding the right to exercise freedom of association and collective bargaining, child labor and forced and compulsory labor

See Directors' Report, sections “Responsible sourcing” and “Risks and uncertainties”, Responsible sourcing, “UK Modern Slavery Act statement” and G4-12. We generally consider these risks small in Telia Company’s own operations, but bigger in parts of the supply chain.

Supplier human rights assessment


Percentage of new suppliers that were screened using human rights criteria

See Directors’ Report, section “Responsible sourcing.”

Omission: we are unable to report separately on the percentage of new suppliers. As we develop our supplier assessment processes, this data might become available.

Human rights grievance mechanisms


Number of grievances about human rights impacts filed, addressed, and resolved through formal grievance mechanisms

See Corporate Governance, section “Enterprise risk management (ERM) framework”, Whistle-blowing process.