Responsible business

Focus area

Achievements in 2017

Anti-bribery and corruption

  • Third-party anti-bribery and corruption (ABC) due care guidelines issued
  • Case-based ABC training on third-party due care guidelines conducted for ethics and compliance professionals in region Eurasia
  • Seven group and six country ethics and compliance officers and two third-party due diligence specialists certified
  • Approximately 2,500 employees completed ABC e-learning

Freedom of expression and 
surveillance privacy

  • Eighth Law Enforcement Disclosure Report covering eight countries published
  • Four countries covered regarding information on local surveillance local legislation
  • Information on local legislation on direct access covering all main markets
  • More than half of closed unconventional requests challenged in some way, often by transparency
  • Contributed to the Industry Dialogue and the Global Network Initiative joining forces in March

Customer privacy

  • Established group-wide Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comp­liance program and conducted local project in relevant markets
  • Carried out detailed data mapping according to GDPR requirements in core markets
  • Developed detailed legal interpretations for all key GDPR areas to ensure harmonized implementation of legal obligations across core markets

Children’s rights

  • Children’s rights awareness workshops with 200 key employees
  • Blocking of websites containing child sexual abuse material (CSAM) in all core markets
  • Detection and reporting of CSAM on internal IT systems in all core markets
  • Shared knowledge regarding detecting CSAM with other large companies
  • Established first Children’s Advisory Panel with 700 kids participating
  • Active contribution to the establishment of the EU Alliance to better protect minors online

Responsible sourcing

  • Local due diligence and on-site audit capacity building in region Eurasia
  • Due diligence process introduced in Estonia and Lithuania
  • New due diligence manual developed and implemented
  • Revised ethical compass under implementation
  • Over 2,900 supplier sustainability due diligence carried out
  • 96 on-site audits performed

Environmental responsibility

  • Operations in Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Lithuania were ISO14001 certified
  • Buy-back programs implemented in all core markets
  • 99,000 devices collected through buy-back programs
  • 29.9 kWh per subscription equivalent1 (28.8)
  • 1.8 kg CO2e emissions per subscription equivalent (1.9)
  • EU Energy Efficiency Directive assessments carried out in five core markets

Occupational health and safety

  • Lost-Time Injury Frequency2 (LTIF): 0.30 (0.36)
  • Sickness Absence Rate3 (SAR): 2.4 percent (2.4)
  • No fatal accidents
  • Operations in Azerbaijan, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Moldova and Uzbekistan OHSAS 18001 certified
  • Engagement index4: 81 percent (80)

1) Subscription equivalent is based on energy consumption for different subscriptions. Targets are based on total energy consumption and scope 1+2 emissions. Baseline 2015. Figures exclude energy consumption and emissions from region Eurasia and Telia Carrier.

2) Total number of lost-time injuries per million possible working hours.

3) Total number of hours of sickness absence per possible working hours (full-year average).

4) Engagement index (employee commitment, team engagement and customer orientation) score from the annual Purple Voice employee survey.