About the report

Telia Company's Annual and sustainability Report 2016 is published as a print version, that is possible to download as a pdf-file from the Group web site www.teliacompany.com, as well as a complete online-version, published at this web site annualreports.teliacompany.com.

In case of differences

In case of differences between this online version and the printed version of Telia Company's Annual and Sustainability Report, the printed version shall prevail. 

Auditors' audit and review

The audited annual and consolidated accounts comprise pages 22–50, 100–205 and 214. The corporate governance statement examined by the auditors comprises pages 51–70. The sustainability information reviewed by the auditors comprises pages 4–21, 71–99 and 206–213. The Auditors have not audited or reviewed the material on this web site. 


Production: Telia Company AB, Investor Relations, in cooperation with Narva

Photos: Jeanette Hägglund, Petter Karlberg and Telia Company


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