C30. Cash flow information

Non-cash transactions, continuing and ­discontinued operations

Asset retirement obligations (AROs)

In 2016 and 2015, obligations regarding future dismantling and restoration of technical sites entailed non-cash investments of SEK 258 million and SEK 295 million, respectively.

Building-infrastructure exchange transactions

Telia Company provides and installs infrastructure in buildings and as compensation is granted an exclusive right to deliver services for 5–10 years through this infrastructure. These activities entailed non-cash exchanges of SEK 66 million in 2016 and SEK 51 million in 2015.

Dividends, interest and income taxes, continuing and discontinued operations

SEK millions

Jan-Dec 2016

Jan-Dec 2015

Dividends received



Interest received



Interest paid



Income taxes paid



Dividends to holders of non-controlling interests, continuing and discontinued operations

SEK in millions

Jan–Dec 2016

Jan–Dec 2015



TeliaSonera Asia Holding B.V.


AO Kcell



Latvijas Mobilais Telefons SIA






Other subsidiaries


Total dividends to holders of non-controlling interests



Business combinations, other acquisitions and disposals

The Telia Company group is continually restructured by acquiring and divesting equity instruments or operations.

The total net cash outflow from business combinations in 2016 was SEK 60 million. For information on business combinations in 2016, see Note C33 “Business combinations.”

In 2015, the total net cash outflow from business combinations was SEK 5,213 million. The amount included SEK 5,137 million relating to the acquisition of Tele2 Norway and SEK 76 million relating to other minor business combinations.

The total cash inflow from divestement of operations and other equity instruments in 2016 was SEK 12,084 million, which mainly related to the divestments of Ncell in Nepal of SEK 9.3 billion and Yoigo in Spain of SEK 2.6 billion. For more information on these divestments, see Note C34 “Discountinued operations and assets classified as held for sale”.

No operations were divested in 2015. Cash inflow for 2015 of SEK 4,724 million from other equity instruments divested comprised the two last tranches received from AF Telecom Holding (AFT) relating to the sale of shares in MegaFon in 2012.