GRI Index

GRI index and other sections of the Annual and Sustainability Report have been prepared according to GRI G4 “In accordance – Core.” Additionally we use the Telecommunications Sector Supplement. Deloitte has been engaged to provide a limited level of assurance on these sections, see Auditors’ Limited Assurance Report on the Sustainability Report for more information. All disclosures in this GRI index are covered by the limited assurance.

Some of the disclosures in this GRI index, while deemed non-material, are nevertheless included as a response to specific stakeholder requests. In the case of a disclosure not being fully reported, the omission is explained at the end of the disclosure.

The following exceptions to the reporting scope apply:

  • Information from Yoigo in Spain and Ncell in Nepal are excluded from 2016 reporting as they were divested during 2016, but are included in 2014 and 2015 information.
  • For 2016, information from Tcell in Tajikistan is included only in reported energy, emissions (scope 1 and 2) and occupational health and safety figures.