Comments by the chair

Everyone to be included in the Digital Society

For advanced connectivity, telecom companies with a long-term outlook are needed; we build the infrastructure that our customers will use for a very long time. We are ready to build the networks that allow the Nordic and Baltic regions to be frontrunners in the next phase of digitalization.

Our network is our backbone and we want our customers to be confident that they will always get the best connection from Telia Company.

In order to offer a competitive customer offering and positive long-term returns for shareholders, we have continued the important and challenging change agenda during the year. IT systems continue to become more efficient, the product portfolio is simpler and the old copper technology is being replaced with modern communication solutions. Our continued path to modernization allows us to keep the customer in focus, and allows tomorrow's products and services to be at our customer’s fingertips sooner.

Connectivity and technology have a significant impact on society and Telia Company has an important role to play. We want to have an active role in society that marries together good business and sustainable development and ensures that everyone is included in the new digital world. The All-In strategy is our way of making that a reality. Together with the rest of our sustainability work, which is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Global Compact principles and our compliance framework, we show our ambition to be a successful and responsible company.

In our region digitalization is at the very forefront of economic growth, societal development and long-term sustainability. With our new focus on the Nordics and Baltics we are at the right place to maintain our world leading position in digital development.

After several years of hard work, we are beginning to reach a point where we can sum up the consequences of the wrongful conduct in Eurasia. The investigation conducted by authorities in the Netherlands and the United States, this year resulted in a settlement proposal, which is now being discussed between the parties.

In accordance with our strategy, we have now sold our operations in Nepal and Spain and an agreement is signed to divest Tcell i Tajikistan. The remaining operations in region Eurasia will be divested as soon as we can reach an agreement that meets our requirements. We are now separated from businesses and employees that will always be part of the company's history. Together we learned a lot about ourselves and about each other. We leave businesses with good potential to contribute to positive development in their respective countries, both in terms of technical expertise and customer offerings, and that can also contribute to spreading ethical values and sustainable practices.

2016 has been a busy year and on behalf of the Board I wish to extend a warm thanks to all our employees for their outstanding efforts during the year. I also want to thank the shareholders for the trust to lead Telia Company.

Stockholm, March 8, 2017

Marie Ehrling
Chair of the Board