Our strategy is in the third year of execution. It is based on continuous development of our core business combined with focused bets in areas that are strengthening the core but also build new businesses in growing areas.

Enhance the core 


The foundation is superior network connectivity. This means that we secure a network that can transport massive data volumes with high quality and our investments are steered towards modern technologies such as fiber and 4G. We are also developing 5G together with our industry partners and have started to virtualize our network and drive the software defined networks. As voice is declining we monetize data to compensate for that.

However, a quality network must be combined with an excellent customer experience and customer loyalty. This means that we need to offer customers a seamless experience independent of which networks they are moving between. As the mobile and the fixed networks are converging, we can optimize the transportation of data to secure both the experience and the production of data. However, to further build the experience we must deliver solutions and functionality in order to sell things as a service. This means that we are focusing on the IT and telecom convergence for the B2B customers. As IT moves to cloud and several customers are using the same production environment, the IT business is moving towards the telco logic and thereby gives us an opportunity to capture a larger part of the customers' telco and IT spend.

In the B2C market we are focusing on delivering a converged customer experience. This means that we secure that the customer can interact with us and our services seamless between channels, devices, networks and services with a unified and constant experience. By giving the customer the best experience, we also build loyalty and preference towards our services.

In order to secure competitive operations we are re-building our factory. This is what we call transformed operations. We start by simplifying our product portfolio and secure attractive business rules. After that, we build new IT systems that are agile and flexible to secure a competitive cost level. By using a modern operational transformation architecture with application program interfaces we can secure adaptability also for future needs. Driving this through an online first mentality, we can also simplify and make our distribution more customer-friendly.

We are also managing things cross border to secure that we take out scale synergies in the areas where we can. One of the key areas is sourcing where we reduce cost through scale sourcing and demand driven from group-level.

In the networks area we optimize build-out through ­analytics and by closing down legacy networks.

Explore opportunities close to the core


In order to further grow our business and create customer relevance we have chosen four focus areas in adjacencies:

  • IoT – Internet of things. Which is connected devices combined with analytics and rule engines. This is offered as connectivity, enabling platforms, vertical solutions of eco-system services. IoT is another example of the convergence between IT and telecom.
  • eHealth – In this area we are offering connected medical devices, home care solutions and special services targeting the treatment of specific diseases. We are also working with hospitals and clinics on digitalized journals and decision support systems.
  • Security – In this area we secure customers’ networks from intrusion and cyber-attacks. We also offer solutions to secure identity and the integrity of customer solutions.
  • Media – We are today a leading TV provider in the Nordics and Baltics. We are now moving our services to on-demand and OTT to secure a leading position in media services targeting the new consumption behavior. We seek the richest content offering and best user experience combining multiple content sources.