New code of responsible business conduct

In September, we launched our new Code of Responsible Business Conduct that replaces the previous code of ethics and conduct.

The Code is a tool to raise awareness and engagement regarding ethics, values, dilemmas, culture and leadership. The new Code more clearly reflects the “tone from the top” and the expectations of employees and management as well as the consequences of non-compliance. Its 17 chapters reflect group policies and instructions and also provide practical, instructional information on how to interpret the Code requirements. It also includes information about contact points for raising concerns and whistle-blowing through the externally available Speak-Up Line.

The Code is available in English, Russian, Kazakh, Azeri, Romanian, Georgian and all Nordic and Baltic languages both online and in a printed newspaper-format document.

Roll-out of the Code

The roll-out of the Code started in Sweden and continued with management teams in local companies, covering ten countries by year-end. Participants took part in an interactive dilemma game based on real Telia Company cases. The game allows people to discuss different approaches to and the consequences of ethical dilemmas. At the end of each session, participants anonymously submit their own dilemmas to be used in updated versions of the game.

Feedback from employees has been positive and many have commented that the new Code addresses serious matters in a fun, lighthearted way that is easy to understand and apply. We aim to conduct face-to-face training on the Code and ethical dilemmas with employees in 2017.

E-learning program

The launch of the Code was complemented by an e-learning program that was introduced in December. This program is compulsory for all employees. The main module covering the Code’s purpose, expectations of employees and our speak-up culture will be followed by topical e-learning courses to be rolled out during 2017.

The Code is available at If you have feedback or would like to know more, just contact us at ask-us (at)

The Code is available online
and in printed newspaper format