Sustainability focus area summary

In 2016, our sustainability work focused on the areas below. See the respective focus area section for more information, including goals and outcomes.

Strategic objective






planned activities

All in - shared value creation

  • Connecting the unconnected.
  • A healthy and safe society.
  • Education for all.
  • Digital innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Shared value creation an explicit part of Telia Company's culture, purpose and values.
  • All in integrated in all relevant company processes such as business planning.
  • Reporting on clear metrics for shared value creation.
  • 20,000 days of employee volunteer work connected to All in strategic objectives.
  • Published “Accelerating Sustainable Growth” report.
  • Accelerator programs and events to support innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Products and services to connect the unconnected, such as Telia Sense and M2M in a box.
  • Growth in education programs.
  • Internal trainings and workshops to ensure integration into company processes.
  • Active public dialog on societal impact of digitalization.
  • Local All in activities running according to business plans.
  • Employee volunteering program launched.

Anti-bribery and

  • Best in class anti-bribery and corruption (ABC) program.
  • Zero tolerance for unethical business conduct.
  • All employees are aware of our ABC requirements.
  • All employees are familiar with the channels for reporting concerns and potential violations.
  • Certified ethics and compliance professionals in all region Eurasia markets (by end of 2016).
  • Over 2,000 employees received ABC face to face training, and over 4,300 completed ABC e-learning.
  • Review of compliance framework and ABC program carried out by Ethisphere.
  • Due to the relocation of two region Eurasia ethics and compliance officers to group level, the number of markets with certified professionals remained at three.
  • Develop local plans for ABC program implementation.
  • Develop training plan for roles exposed to high corruption and bribery risks.
  • ABC training as part of the roll-out of the new Code.
  • Improve the ABC risk self-assessment tool and the competence to carry out local self-assessments.
  • Third party due care capacity building in region Eurasia.

Freedom of

  • Enable, respect and support freedom of expression and privacy.
  • Telia Company is trusted as an ICT industry leader in human rights.
  • All markets covered in law enforcement disclosure reports with regard to number of conventional requests and information on local legislation.
  • All closed unconventional requests challenged.
  • Contribute actively to the work of the Telecommunications Industry Dialogue (ID) and its collaboration with the Global Network Initiative (GNI).
  • Eight countries covered in law enforcement disclosure reports with regard to number of conventional requests.
  • Five countries covered with regard to information on local legislation.
  • Almost half of closed unconventional requests challenged, often by transparency.
  • Contributed to the ID and GNI joining forces.
  • Continue contributing to shared learning and standardization of reporting within the ID and GNI.
  • Improve governance and training to speed up assessments and escalations, especially regarding direct access requests.
  • Implement human rights remedy and grievance mechanisms.
  • Review and implement recommendations from BSR's HRIAs.

Customer privacy

  • Respect and protect our customers’ privacy.
  • We are regarded as a trusted actor in handling personal data on the customer’s terms.
  • “Privacy by design” implemented in all relevant project management processes.
  • All employees aware of the privacy requirements related to their work duties.
  • Clear and easy to understand information about processing personal data readily available to customers.
  • Mitigation of EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance risks.
  • Privacy Impact Assessment process implemented in Telia Company’s project model.
  • Group-common “Privacy Notice” model created.
  • Local gap assessments against GDPR completed and risk mitigation roadmaps developed in regions Sweden and Europe.
  • Strengthened governance and resources to meet GDPR requirements.
  • Execute GDPR risk migitation activities according to local and group-level mitigation plans.
  • Strengthen privacy governance, including carrying out training to increase awareness of privacy requirements.
  • Revise relevant group policies and instructions to ensure they reflect GDPR requirements.

Occupational health
and safety

  • An occupational health and safety culture that supports the ambition of Telia Company as THE place to work.
  • Lost-Time Injury Frequency (LTIF) maximum 0.52.
  • Sickness Absence Rate (SAR) maximum 1.9 percent.
  • No fatal accidents.
  • OHSAS 18001 implemented in all major companies (by end of 2016).
  • Engagement index: 83 percent.
  • LTIF: 0.36 (0.41).
  • SAR: 2.4 percent (2.2).
  • No fatal accidents (0).
  • Operations in Finland, Norway, Estonia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan OHSAS 18001 certified.
  • Engagement Index: 80 percent
  • Local companies not yet OHSAS 18001 certified continue working towards certification.
  • Begin transition from OHSAS 18001 to ISO 45001.
  • Focus on employee well-being and engagement in regions Sweden and Europe.


  • All suppliers comply with our sustainability requirements.
  • All suppliers have signed our supplier code of conduct.
  • 75 percent of assessed suppliers compliant with the supplier code of conduct.
  • 25 percent reduction of supplier base (baseline 2015).
  • 60 percent (58) of suppliers assessed through audits or EcoVadis compliant with the supplier code of conduct.
  • Launched a standardized supplier due diligence platform, 1,443 due diligence assessments carried out.
  • 169 on-site audits carried out.
  • Launched focus area programs in seven critical supply chain areas.
  • Continued work within the focus area programs.
  • Further develop the due diligence platform.
  • Training and capacity building of suppliers, to better understand and meet our supplier code of conduct and security directives requirements.
  • Strengthen local due diligence expertise in region Eurasia, to enable local sustainability risk evaluation.


  • Minimize negative and maximize positive environmental impact throughout our value chain.
  • All major operations in regions Sweden and Europe ready for ISO 14001 certification (by end of 2017).
  • Buy-back programs for mobile devices established in region Europe (by end of 2017).
  • 10 percent lower energy consumption per subscription equivalent.
  • 33 percent lower CO2e emissions per subscription equivalent.
  • ISO 14001 certification in Telia in Sweden and Sonera in Finland.
  • 85,000 devices collected through buy-back programs.
  • 28.8 kWh per subscription equivalent (28.2).
  • 1.9 kg CO2e emissions per subscription equivalent (2.5).
  • Continued ISO 14001 implementation in regions Sweden and Europe.
  • Strengthen expertise, governance and local resources responsible for environmental management.
  • EU Energy Efficiency Directive assessments and reporting.

Children online

  • Respect and support children’s rights.
  • Understand impact on children’s rights in relevant business activities.
  • Block child sexual abuse material (CSAM) in regions Sweden and Europe.
  • Detect and report CSAM in internal IT systems in regions Sweden and Europe.
  • Establish Children’s Advisory Panel.
  • Initiated assessment for Children’s Rights and Business Principles.
  • Implemented blocking of CSAM in regions Sweden and Europe.
  • Implemented detection and reporting of CSAM in internal IT systems in six countries and in Telia Carrier.
  • Introduced Children’s Advisory Panel in regions Sweden and Europe.
  • Implement the action plan based on the Children's Rights and Business Principles assessment.
  • Share and present CAP findings, and use the results to improve our approach to children as users of our services.
  • Further cooperation to improve detection and blocking of CSAM, and encourage other organizations to do the same.